Call today to apply (503) 890-0969

Call today to apply (503) 890-0969


How much will my lease payment be?

The total cost of the equipment you are going to lease and the length of the lease (12-60 months) will affect how much your monthly lease payments will be. For an exact quote, contact one of our leasing representatives at 503-890-0969.

Are there tax benefits associated with leasing?

In many cases, lease payments are deductible as a business expense. Your tax advisor or accountant can determine if you qualify.

Do I have to provide insurance for the equipment I lease?

Yes, insurance is a requirement on all leased equipment. You should arrange for insurance in the same way that you would if you owned the equipment.

What is Fair Market Value (FMV)?

FMV, as it applies to the purchase option in a lease, is the dollar amount that your equipment can be sold for on the market at the end of your lease. Because market conditions change over time, this dollar amount is unpredictable today.

When do I have to provide financial statements?

Financial Statements are only required:

1. When the amount that you are leasing is over $150K, or
2. When there is insufficient information about your financial strength on a credit report.

Can I lease a portion of my order?

YES, leases can be arranged for full orders, partial orders, or you may add on equipment ordered from other non-competing vendors. TURNKEY SYSTEMS may be leased to include hardware, software, maintenance, shipping and installation.

What happens if my vendor needs money in advance?

We can advance money to your vendor, generally 50%, more in special cases. Your lease starts when we disburse funds to. Your vendor will be paid the balance upon delivery of your equipment. 

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