Call today to apply (503) 890-0969

Call today to apply (503) 890-0969

Benefits of Leasing

  • New or used equipment is more affordable
  • Less up-front capital is needed
  • Generally, the equipment is the only collateral
  • Conserves working capital
  • Excellent alternative to bank loans which often include loan fees
  • Preserves lines of credit for consumables and working capital
  • Leases can be structured to meet individual needs

Ease of credit approval, fast funding approvals and tax benefits are the key reasons companies choose equipment leasing and financing. Businesses can grow without significant out of pocket expenses. 

Preserve Your Cash and Bank Line of Credit

Equipment leasing is an alternative form of financing designed specifically for capital equipment. Using this financing option will help you maximize liquidity and access to capital by preserving your cash and bank lines for other business needs.

100% Financing

You can finance up to 100% of the equipment cost. Leasing typically requires just a first and last month’s payment rather than a large down payment. In many cases service, supplies, installation, warranty and other soft costs can be included in your lease.

Cash Flow

Monthly payments allow you to pay for your equipment with the improved cash flow generated from your increased capacity or new technology.


Seasonal and up to 90-day deferred payment options are available to help you minimize the impact of cash flow fluctuations that are project-based, seasonal, or related to expansion.

Fast & Efficient Service

In most cases, Capital Equipment Leasing can approve leases for up to $100,000 in equipment with a one-page credit application. Approval can usually be secured in 4- 24 hours. For sales over $100,000, we can typically give you an approval in 48-72 hours, if we have a complete finance package.

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